Saturday, September 17, 2011


Okay, Armadillocon knocked my socks off. As did a series of personal and family challenges. That's kept me away from blogging, and hurt my writing output in general.

Also, two posts I did on the Coby Kyros are accounting for about 25% or more of my (meager) hits. Which is cool, but I'm not really trying to be a tech review blog.

To state things more bluntly--The "share things I'm learning as a new writer with other new writers" slant just isn't bringing in any interest. Even with short posts, daily blogging soaks up a fair amount of time. Time better spent on more writing.

I've only been at the daily post challenge a few months, granted. Maybe I haven't given it enough time? I tend to think it's more likely that I need to develop an audience through my fiction, first.

Either way, the current content just isn't working.

So, I will be doing some kind of blogging still, probably. But I don't think it will be the daily blabfest anymore. I haven't decided yet. Thanks for checking out these posts, either way.