Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Story Up - Furious Fusion Fist

I just uploaded a new story to Smashwords and Amazon. It can be found right here. Any reviewer types out there who are interested n a code for a free download of a review copy, just give me a holler.

The blurb for the story:

Having the last surviving video-game arcade AI as Sensei is awesome. Trying to impress the last surviving female with untested kung-fu is not. To triumph in an encounter with the brain-melted remnants of the former adult population, Peji must unlock the mystical power of the furious fusion fist technique. His life, his chance to win Nisa's heart, and the future of the entire human race depends on it

Furious Fusion Fist is a post-apocalyptic, adolescent love story for gamers, nerds, and geeks. It is 9,400 words long, or about 38 pages.

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