Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tablet Blogging Again - Acer Iconia A500

So the main theme today is going to be on gadgets rather than on my ongoing struggle with LMS (lazy man syndrome). So fair warning to those of you who tuned in merely for my customary self-flagellation--this week's blog is bound to disappoint.

Unless you were tuning in for spelling hijinks. Apparently Blogger's spelling auto-checker thingamawhosit doesn't work in Dolphin browser lite on my tablet. And I can't remember if disappoint is spelled with one S or two. I also may have the number of Ps wrong. How dissapointing.


I got a new tablet this week, the Acer Iconia A500 mentioned in the title above. So far, I'm loving it. Much better build quality than the crappy Coby I had previously, and the new version of Android is an improvement as well.

Side note--due to their ridiculously horrible customer support, I will never purchase another Coby product of any kind. Also, I will never shop at Toys-R-Us again, for the same reason. Just saying.

I've mostly used the A500 for games so far (of course). Their are tons of free and cheap games on Android Market, plus the Amazon Market free-app-of-the-day is often good. So I am definitely happy on that score.

You didn't know I was just gone for about an hour, but I was. Turns out that editing a blogger blog is really difficult (once you get a few paragraphs in), using the installed soft-keyboard. I've got a wireless keyboard and mouse hooked up now, but it's still tricky going compared to just doing the durn blog on my computer. Which is a shame because I had hoped to be able to do the Sunday-morning-blog-in-bed-thing.

Okay, I am now typing this blog in an external note-taking application. The fact that you are reading it indicates I was successfully able to copy-pasta it back to Blogger. But what a pain. I wonder if this is a fault of the Blogger interface or of the Android OS? Either way, I may look into starting a WordPress blog instead, assuming that platform is easier to work with via Android.

Okay, I'm tired of the shenanigans, so I'm going to wrap this entry up. Although the Iconia A500 isn't great for blogging, it's awesome for games, comic books, and movies. I suspect I will find more uses for it as well, hopefully some that are at least marginally productive.

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