Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back in frack

It's been nearly three months since I've posted. Even before that last post, my blogging had become irregular. If you've been wondering where I went, now the full story can be told.

Okay, not really. The cover story is that I had personal stuff to sort out. I seem to have mostly been successful in the sorting, so now it's time to get back to work.

My writing has fallen way behind in other areas as well. I stopped keeping my log, let my obsessive wordcount tracking slip away, and have barely done any transcription of ideas. I have typed a few very short children's stories (I do them for my toddler), and completed a few stories, but that's about it.

Sometimes writing is not a priority, it's as simple as that.

I am ready and raring to go now, however. I've started several new shorts, and am mulling over editing last year's novel vs diving back in to the current WIP. In the meantime, my mind is back to focusing on stories.

I have grown somewhat weary of the focus of this blog, as well. I intend to bring a more personal element  into it, as well as drift away from blogging for writers and focus more on readers/fans. Not that there are hordes of those out there, but there will be eventually.

The short way to put it: I am ready to get my work out into the world, in a serious way. I think I've come far enough that what I have to say (through the medium of speculative fiction) has real value, is important, and will enrich the lives of my audience.

Every childhood ends.


Big Announcement:

"And Still Your Black Box Hums" by yours truly will be published at Penumbra as part of their Rising Talent series. It will be accompanied by an essay I wrote for them about the story and a short author bio.

This is my first sale to a professional market and I am super excited about it. Check out the story and let me know what you think.


If you aren't watching Longmire, you should be. It's a pretty decent cowboy-cop show, but the main draw is Katee Sackhop (Starbuck from the reboot of BSG) as a shit-kicking deputy. Great stuff that all geeks should be watching.

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