Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mayan Time Slip

It is so easy for time to get away from me. Like, I turn my back for just a second (look, a squirrel!) and it's nearly four months since I've done a blog post. Amazing.

Part of the deal is that NaNo just wore me out this year. Physically, mentally, and most importantly creatively. It's taken a good long while for me to recover. Plus holidays, plus several bouts with the Mayan Flu. And, like every parent, I'm up to my ears in child-rearing.

I don't even know if that last statement actually even makes sense, but still. 'S true.

I have about three or four chapters left to finish the MS to Draegith. Plus about twelve chapters to edit. I've done almost nothing on it since winning NaNo last November. I liek to think I'm going to get back in the groove any day now, but I'm not entirely sure that's true.

The thing about writing is: there isn't any reason to do it other than that you want to do it. While it is possible to make money at it, the chances are slim. Financial considerations aside, the pleasure derived in putting words on the page is the only other motivator. And I just haven't been feeling it.


I've been here before. Last NaNo, actually. The burnout wasn't as severe that time, but it was definitely there. So I know that soon enough I will be bursting with ideas and racing home to get to typing. It'll happen.


Hopefully I won't have slipped too far into the future when it does.


Branden Linley said...

I'm right there with ya on the post-NaNo burnout. I think I usually end up doing about half of my writing in a given year during November. Still trying to find a way to keep writing the other eleven months at a slow burn as opposed to that blaze of glory...

Silver Bowen said...

Thanks for the comment, Branden. I've won NaNo twice in a row now. I'm seriously considering giving it a rest this year (assuming I write something or other the other eleven months of the year).