Sunday, August 5, 2012

Typecast the First - Olympia SM4

(You will probably want to click on the jpeg below to open it in a separate tab or window and make it much bigger. Lesson learned. Next typecast will be a much narrower column.)

Note: I know I promised mucho Red Pen of Dream-Slaying (TM). Unfortunately, the pictures I took of the typecast came out really, really blue-tinted, for some reason. So I had to desaturated to make the best one legible. Sorry. Yes, I am fully aware that scanning the page would be far more efficient. Except I don't have a scanner. I doubt I'll get one just to support this goofiness, but you never know.

Also, I'm to lazy to delete, rotate, and reupload photo #2. Just turn your head sideways :) That's the analog solution.

1 comment:

Matthew S. Schwartz said...

Beautiful typewriter! Are you still using it?