Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Exciting News!!!

As of 9:40 this am, my blog has been acquired by Step5 Media! Okay, not exactly acquired. Wait, lemme see, how to explain. Got it.

As of 9:40 this am, my blog has birthed a new invincible overlord, Step5 Media. and, er... Still not quite it. herm...

What I am getting at here (all goofiness aside), is I have created a new ruling media conglomerate. Except that it is a single entity, and not ruling quite yet (okay, some goofiness aside.)

My new company is called Step5 media. I will be releasing all my blogs, podcast (yes, coming soon), audio-books, e-books, and so on under this imprint. Time to start building a "platform".

And why Step5, you ask? Step 5 = Profit!

All one of you followers out there (hi mom!), I am running a contest. Win free copies of my first drafts for life! All you have to do is suggest a better title for this blog. Wheee....

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