Thursday, May 5, 2011

Part-Time Writer

New strategy folks. The take-this-seriously-as-though-it-was-already-a-paying-job strategy. I want to kick my progress up to the next level, so I am now treating my writing career the same as my day job. In other words, show up on a regular schedule, clock in and out, work while I am there. I am leaving out the not thinking about it at all when I get home part, though.

I have been taking time basically whenever I have it free. An hour here or there, and so on. I have been making progress, for sure. But I want to get a lot more done a lot faster. So, like I would start an exercise program, or a diet, I'll start a writing program. Discipline is key.

I doubt I have the time or energy to be full-time (yet), and I don't want to burn myself out. So I am going part-time, for now.

Of course the ultimate goal is to earn enough writing that full-time is not just a goal, but a fiscal necessity :)

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