Friday, July 29, 2011

The Coby Kyros 7022

This is partially an addendum to yesterday's post, and partly a further review of my new tablet. First things first - as I continue to use the device it's clear that once I get past the initial learning curve I will be able to work much faster. The barrier to entry is fairly steep, at least on this particular tablet.

The hardest aspect of blogging on the Kyros is, of course, the typing. I have installed an app called the hacker keyboard. Between its much improved sensitivity, predictive text, and expanded layout, I am moving along at a much better clip. Still slow, but not quite as painful.

I have also had to spend an inordinate amount of time managing the OS. For some bizarre reason, Coby didn't remove the phone functionality from the kernel. So I had a fair amount of fun fixing all the issues this was causing. Were my time worth more than the money I saved, the Kyros would have been a poor choice.

Fortunately for me, I enjoy goofing around like this. The experience isn't just a money saver for me, it's also a learning opportunity.

Just like this blog entry. The main purpose was to test the hacker keyboard app, which I can now recommend as a great replacement for the stock Android keyboard.


aleks said...

did you try an external keyboard with it? i can't get any keyboard to work with this tablet.

Silver Bowen said...

Nope, never got a keyboard to work with mine either. Touchscreen still freezes regularly, other wonky things happen like Market deletes apps randomly. If ToyRUs didn't have such a terrible returns policy, I would have returned it. I won't buy anything else made by Coby, or shop at TRU ever again.