Monday, July 18, 2011

WttJ - Eps 002 and 003, Olympus WS710-M

Two new podcasts are live -


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I haven't made much progress on organizing my podcasts and blogs, there is a lot of tech mumbo-jumbo I haven't got a handle on yet.

Honestly, all this web stuff is dirt simple, it's just finding the time to sort it out that's slowing me down. I'm planning on getter better links up, an rss and itunes feed, all sorts of stuff. Maybe even a donate button. I just need to get it done bit by bit.

Speaking of bit by bit, I just got a new digital voice recorder, an Olympus RS710-M. The short review is - it works great. I was reluctant to spend the kind of money it costs for a quality device, but I'm glad I did, now.

I recorded Episode 004 on it already. I have a learning curve ahead of me, but the bottom line sound quality is much better. I also love having a dedicated device for recording, instead of juggling that function with texts, phone calls, and mp3 listening among my other two devices (phone and mp3 player.)

The longer review - The design works, the sound is good, there are plenty of options for recording. Overall, it is a good product. That said, the prices on these things are out of whack, possible a function of the market being small and mostly professional. I got mine for not much more than half of list price, and I feel like that was top dollar for this product.

The software options are plentiful, and seem to work well. The menus, navigation, and general look and feel are clunky. This thing feels more like an old micro-cassette recorder with a display grafted on than a top-of-the-line digital product.

As near as I can tell, in all the research I did before settling on this one, this is pretty typical in the world of higher end audio products. The industrial design is about a generation behind. This thing makes my mp3 player look like a futuristic space doodad.

Still, it does the job, is light and portable, has lots of options, and came with a raft of accessories. I bought an open box model from an Amazon seller, no outer packaging but everything still sealed and new, and saved a ton. I'm glad I did.

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