Friday, July 15, 2011

Welcome to the Journey

I'm pleased to announce the first episode of my new podcast is up at The podcast title is Welcome to the Journey - a self-help podcast for new writers.

I recorded it on my Sansa Fuze+, so the quality is certainly not excellent. This was actually the third or fourth try, the early ones were unlistenable. I hope to upgrade to a better recorder soon, but I wanted to start recording with what I had, and get going. Momentum is important to me.

I am deeply indebted to podcasters like Mur Lafferty and Nathan Lowell for the concept I am following. My podcast is just me, speaking extemporaneously in a conversational style, on the issue that affect me and ideas for improvement I have. All through the lens of being a new writer.

Hopefully some of you will find it useful, or entertaining, or amusing. I will be releasing new episodes at least weekly, possible more often (decisions, decisions.) All constructive feedback is welcome.

Welcome to the Journey!

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