Thursday, July 28, 2011

Typing on a touchscreen

Here is an attempt to compose a blog entirely on my new android tablet. I recently bought10 a Coby Kyros 7022. Coby is not known for their high end electronics. Rather, the company is known for inexpensive tech that works adequately.

This is a fairly good description of the tablet I purchased. This particular model is likely the highest quality tablet that Coby makes. It has a metal back, and a capacitive touchscreen. Two features every other Kyros lack.

It is responsive and gets good battery life. I had to hack it and root it to install amenities like the Android market, and to fix firmware issues. Now that I have done so I quite like it. Definitely a tablet that needs a technical minded user to get it up to snuff.

I use lots of open source stuff, like Ubuntu. If I was the type that needed an easier to use product, this would be a no go. More later, as I get to know it.

And by the way, typing on a touch screen is really slow.

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