Thursday, July 14, 2011

More on the Seven Point Structure

First off - none of this is my idea. All credit goes to Dan Wells. I mentioned this last post, but I want to make sure to give credit where credit is due.

Check out this video series for a great lesson:

Or go to his blog, specifically this page:

All of that stuff will help in understanding the example below. One note of caution - this is just my attempt at applying this structure, allow for mistakes. Probably lots :)

Onward! The following is this structure applied to my newest novel. I generally don't like sharing details of a work-in-progress, but this work is hardly even begun, so what the hay.

Besides, this is work I would have to do to get started, anyway. So turning it into a blog post and getting double-duty out of it seems like an efficient use of my work time, right?

Basic Structure - Monster Attack! (place-holder title)

Hook- Three main Characters (MCs). MC one is Monster, newly created, small. MC two is Scientist young, brilliant, insecure. MC three is Soldier, battling inner demons, torn up.

Plot turn 1- Monster escapes. Scientist discovers older colleague, mentor, is responsible. Soldier struggles after homecoming.

Pinch 1- Monster growing, goes on rampage, small and stealthy at first. Scientist begins trying to decipher colleagues notes. Soldier called in to fight.

Midpoint- Monster growing larger. Soldier/military on full attack. Scientist learns Colleague/Mentor was somehow set-up by Corporation, key to notes is at separate site in Monster-controlled zone, must go there physically.

Pinch 2- Entire city in peril, many deaths, Monster huge. Military barely holding it back with Scientist suggested tech (radio, Soldier's, from zone.) Plans to nuke city. Soldier and scientist ally, trying to make it to secret lab.

Plot turn 2- Scientist discovers key to secret notes, left by Mentor. Military applies solution, Scientist and Soldier must make it stick, somehow personally deliver when Military fails. Monster mutating, may break free any second.

Resolution- Monster neutralized, Scientist expands quest to stop Corporation, be responsible, Soldier feels better about self, can see hope for future. City saved. Ya!

There are some obvious sub-plots here - love interest between Soldier and Scientist, Evil Corporation fights back, Military/Government corruption and spy stuff, some daily life interrupted moments, and so on.

Also, very clear possibilities for a sequel or series expanding the quest against those responsible.

Next step is to expand this outline into a full storyline, and/or scenes.

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