Monday, July 4, 2011

The Way Forward

So, it's easy to admit that I haven't got much done around here. No new content in weeks. Not by intention, but by lack of goal setting. I think I have a handle on things now, though. If all goes as planned, I will be updating this blog regularly, aiming for a near daily posting schedule.

I still don't have a super-clear focus for the content, or a catchy name, but hopefully that stuff will fall into place as I do this. Sounds backwards, I know. As a writer I've found sometimes the only way out is through, and I just have to start typing until something catches.

So, main thing I will be covering is the beginning writer's journey, tips that have worked for me, other options, and so on. My sense is that a lot of writers make the actual work of writing much harder for themselves, by mentally getting in their own way. So hopefully I can provide some perspective on that.

This won't be a heavily edited or planned blog, my goal is to spend only fifteen or so minutes a day on it. I am going to accomplish this by using some of my downtime at work to voice-record ideas that I want to cover for the day. If I can get good enough quality, I hope to put these recordings up as podcasts as well, so you folks get the condensed (and possible different mental take) version as a blog, and the expanded version as a podcast.

I love podcasts, by the way. I listen to probably twenty or thirty hours worth a week. One of the main advantages of my otherwise hum-drum day job.

Voice-recording has worked very well for me as a way to cut down my time spent on new ideas. Instead of scribbling them on paper, as I have them (always carry a notebook, or some way to record your thoughts. Always.) I record them, and transcribe later.

I would estimate I save at least a half-hour of precious writing time a day using this method. I haven't yet applied it to actual new works, but I intend to. And of course, this blog (and the coming podcasts), are also going to benefit from this method.

My biggest worry is that I will end up spending so much time recording, that I will get behind on my listening :)

Welcome to the journey, I hope y'all  enjoy it.

(See that up there? That's what I meant about just getting fingers on the keys until something comes through. New podcast and blog name is Welcome to the Journey. Y'all saw it happen.)

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